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About Aqua Design

Aqua Design was founded in 2006 by Ali Carlile. Over the years we have designed hundreds of products for companies large and small. Our designs have been recognized in magazines such as Innovation, Golf Digest and MotorSport. Additionally, our products continue to receive excellent ratings from online retailers like,, and

Our two-part approach allows us to help our clients from design to delivery of finished goods. Learn more about how we can help you.

Customized Product Design:
Creative design is the heart of who we are. We strive to design unique products that will differentiate your goods from everyone else. All of our products are designed by professional industrial designers that have many years of experience. Our experience allows us to design across a wide range of product categories.

Customized Manufacturing:
Our manufacturing partners allow us to source custom items tailored to our client’s needs. We work with our partners to provide the best quality factory-direct goods at a low-cost. We have vast experience in all types of materials, manufacturing and delivery around the world. Whether you are looking to create a new product, redesign an existing product line or develop branded marketing items for your company, we can help.

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